Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

ColorCube on a 64 bit machine

After a recent interview with Quentin Bolsee, the lead developer of the game ColorCube, I  downloaded the demo version of his game.  ColorCube is a simple nice puzzle game that can keep you occupied for hours.

But I had to find out that the program did not start on my main machine.

The command

ldd Launcher

quickly revealed that it a 32 bit application, and various libraries were missing on my 64 bit system.

The package ia32-libs which provide 32 libraries for 64 bit systems does understandably not contain all libraries that may be installed on a 32 bit system.  A simple work-around is to copy these files from a 32 bit set-up (/usr/lib) to the 64 bit system (/usr/lib32).

Don't forget to set the file owner to root on the target system., and keep in mind that those libraries will not be updated.

In order go get ColorCube running, I needed to copy the following libraries:

Happy gaming...